Mother "Washes" Her Son's Mouth With Soap for Spitting at Her | Supernanny
View the short video clip and:
Discuss how you will assist this parent as an ECCE practitioner.
Identify at least 4 communication strategies you will encourage within this family

Assignment Instructions:
Minimum of 450 and a maximum of 500 words.
Refer to the rubric in the preparing and responding to posts.
At least 5 sources cited using the principles and guidelines of the APA format (APA Style 6th Edition).

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In the video, it is evident that the children often fight one another and do not respect their mother at all. In fact at some point they seem to go against what their mother is telling them or cautioning them against. This has even seen the mother of three, discipline them by giving one of them a soap in his mouth. It is obvious that this family especially the children lacks the Early Childhood Care and Education, which would see them behave in the required manner. At the same time, it is obvious that the parents as well have not mastered the art on how to bring up these kids in a good way....
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