Review Of Literature: The Emergence Of For - Profit Career Colleges (2870 words)

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Research information pertaining to for-profit secondary institutions, specifically career/ technical institutions. The paper should be approximately 5 pages in length and contain approximately 5-7 sources. The following information should be included in the paper:
-research further into the history of for-profit and/or career colleges as they relate to student academics
-research for-profit and career colleges pertaining to curriculum and instructional techniques.

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Colleges and universities as it relates to viable funding source (s) fall under two major categories: For-Profit and Non-Profit. For-Profit institutions, unlike public entities are managed and governed by provider organizations and/or corporations and traditionally run like businesses in terms of organization and daily operations (Ruch, 2001). In the review and examination of the literature on for-profit institutions, these organizations have increased their emergence and growth by 225%, since their small and modest beginnings (Ruch, 2001). About 14% of all postsecondary learners within the 2013 calendar year chose these institutions as a viable option and this option is continuing to grow at an as a value-added option at an alarming pace (Ruch, 2001). Non-profit post-secondary choices continue to emerge as more and more community colleges are meeting and exceeding their enrollment capacities, and this reality continues to open the door and provide a comparative advantage for for-profit educational organizations as they compete with their non-profit counter-parts (Couslson, 1999). Additionally, many of the for-profit learning communities provide flexible scheduling, online options, hybrid program delivery, intimate class sizes and convenient locations, hence they have been extremely responsive to the needs of their customers in terms of personalization and market needs (Ruch, 2001). As evidenced by the research many of the said attributes and characteristics of for-profit organizations is attracting a large and growing number of students, particularly: working adults, part-time students and students with children.
As evidenced by the review of literature, the emergence of the for-profit learning community does come without controversy and challenge as these concerns are well documented at both the state and federal level. The literature highlights the following as the most prevalent among these concerns: the quality of education, the astronomical amount in fees and/or scholarships, tactics utilized to attract students, and post-graduation employability success (Ruch, 2001). More specifically the concerns can be summarized as follows: many students who complete these programs are left with a lot of debt, many students exit these programs lacking employability skills, and the non-completion rate is also extremely high, but improvements to theses struggles are on the rise as our nation’s for-profit educational institutions are gaining momentum and competing neck and neck with their non-profit counter-parts (Ruch, 2001). As evidenced by the literature, there has been a tremendous improvement in governmental funding for for-profit learning institutions and organizations under the said category. As an aggregate snap shot of their annual funding is as follows: $32 billion in federal grants and loans, and $7.5 billion in Pell Grants (Ruch, 2001). Lawmakers have begun to look for accountability measures to assist in the continuous improvement of...
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