Introduction of Research on the Topic of Study Abroad - From an Outline (1040 words)

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Take an outline of a paper on the subject of Study Abroad and format it for inclusion as the introductory section of a final paper and provide an annotated bibliography.

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Study abroad has been increasingly popular around the globe over the last couple of decades. Many universities are trying to integrate a significant international component to their syllabi and to motivate students to complete some part of their higher education abroad. Today, there are some of solutions for the problem of increasing the number of students who are studying abroad. Why are these programs so popular? What are the gains? The answers are straightforward: to learn something about new cultures, different lifestyles, learn a foreign language, make international friends, increase individual social skills, etc. All of those increase and support the intangible skills of a person that looks more appealing to the future graduate programmed directors or potential employers...

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