Lesson Plan Directions
You must follow these directions:
1) identify one grade level only.
2) identify one of the following disabilities: LD, ADD, ASD, or Language Disorder.
3) follow the lesson plan format given in class
4) have a measurable obj written in proper format. Choose one obj only.
5) Make sure to use I do/We do/You do in your procedures part of the lesson plan.
6) Write a lot of detail I need to know HOW you will do each step. For example, don't tell me, "I will review counting to 10." Tell me how you will review this and how will all students be involved in this.
7) Make sure all parts of the lesson have numbered steps and lots of details.
8) have a sufficient number of appropriate accommodations throughout the lesson and/or at the end of the lesson with the environments labeled and reasons why this accommodation is necessary for the children with the identified disability to be successful with this specific lesson.

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Lesson Plan
Subject/Grade Level and Topic
Health Education: Communication and Conflict Resolution for grade 9
Group size: about 10-20 students (can be subdivided into mixed groups of 4 or 5)
Why should students learn conflict resolution? Because learning how to resolve conflicts can help students lead more happy, conflict-free and independent lives, and help them get along better with others.
Maryland State Health Standard:
Standard 1 Mental and Emotional Health
Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance wellness.
G. Conflict Resolution
1. Justify the nature of conflict and conflict resolution.
a. Assess conflict resolution strategies that promote and sustain interpersonal relationships.
1. Each student will be able to explain what Conflict means, by writing it in a sentence in their notebooks: for example “Conflict means when someone doesn’t agree with me, or when someone wants me to do something...

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