Research article:
Your charge this week is to evaluate the degree to which the analysis and conclusions of a research article in your chosen field are appropriate. This can be done in four steps:
1. Provide a critical abstract for the study—be sure to highlight necessary elements, including the relationship among independent (predictor) and dependent (outcome) variables as suggested by the researcher.
2. Identify how the variables are measured—categorical or continuous—and the type of analysis used—parametric or non-parametric.
3. Language used—Did researchers use causal or correlational language to interpret or explain the findings? Provide specific examples from your article.
4. Agreement and/or disconnect between how the variables were measured, the analysis chosen and the interpretations.

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Steinert et al. (2006), a meta-analysis, examines the impact of faculty development initiatives targeted at improving teaching effectiveness. Specifically, the study looks at how faculty development activity—the independent variable—is related to the development or lack thereof of faculty teaching abilities—dependent variable 1—and to broader institutional effects, i.e. dependent variable...

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