Often parents do not feel as if they are informed on current community resources and feel left out of the loop. Being able to empower parents and families truly brings a higher level of confidence that encourages continued support and involvement from parents and families. Inspiring parents and families to ensure that all students are treated fairly and have access to learning opportunities that support student achievement is critical to engaging families in your classroom.

Part 1

Research what community resources are available for your students’ parents and families. Include in this research, any resource lists currently available at your school. Create a matrix that outlines the available resources, be sure to include:

Name of the organization, and contact information, address
What is offered
Qualifications to obtain resources
Volunteer opportunities for students, parents, and families
A minimum of five resources should be provided

Part 2

Using your Community Resource Matrix, you are going to design a 500-1,000 word newsletter for your age/grade level from PK-12 that is a community resource guide for parents and families to become more involved during the school year. You should describe a plan for involving the selected community resource in the school or classroom during the school year. This will allow parents and families to become more informed about what is available for them within their own community and how they can become more involved. Include the following:

Justification of why you have selected the particular community resource.
Expected outcomes for the students in the classroom or at the school.
Schedule for the frequency of community volunteers.
Expectations for volunteer involvement (e.g., activities, conduct).

Use 3-5 scholarly resources.

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