Teaching in the 21st century can prove to be more challenging than in previous years. With the inclusion of technology, communication does provide multiple methods for meaningful communication between teachers, parents, families, and schools as it relates to students’ academic success. In doing so, teachers need to promote adequate relationships with their students’ parents and families while also being mindful of social and community issues that directly or indirectly affect their students. While everyone is indirectly affected by social problems, those who are directly experiencing the problem are often left out of the processes of identifying the problem.
Identify a current communication problem at the current grade level you are teaching or will be teaching (PK-12). Upon recognizing this problem, write a 750-1,000 word plan of action on how you will build family and community partnerships to help solve this problem. Explore the following areas to support meeting the community needs:
Who are the people most affected by this problem?
How can people affected by this problem get involved?
How does technology play a role in this?
Who will you need to build partnerships with to address this problem?
How will you build these partnerships?
What are some potential obstacles? And solutions to those obstacles?
How do you motivate parents and families to become and remain involved?
How do you encourage meaningful two-way communication to solve this problem?
Use 3-5 scholarly resources.

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Apart from the students themselves, a language barrier among the 2nd and 3rd graders often affect a multitude of parties. For example, the teachers are affected in that the underlying problem serves as a hindrance to accomplishing their goal, which is to promote proper growth trajectories for the classroom performance as well as behavioral engagement for all the students including the at-risk students (Hughes, Wu, & West, 2011). The inability to reach their goals leads to the possibility of people questioning the competency of the current elementary school system.
The problem also affects the parent as they often wonder if their children are behind in terms of language development (Prelock et al., 2008). Consequently, the parents usually experience disturbed peace of mind, which can easily and quickly become depressive if the language and speech are prolonged. Additionally, Prelock et al., (2008) state that most parents usually do not report the problem to primary care providers, who in turn, do not apply quality screening techniques according to Prelock et al., (2008), an issue that leads to questions concerning the ability and willingness of healthcare providers...

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