Supporting the Child with Special Needs through Technology
You will be required to create a 5- to 8-minute video to be uploaded to YouTube as public content.
The reflection should include your position on services for children with special needs, how easy sourcing information was, and what role technology plays in assisting families with children with special needs (e.g. can parents access services online). (10 marks)
The video must contain the following slides:
1. Title slide with an appropriate title and your name (3 marks)
2. An introduction telling the viewer what the video is about (6 marks)
3. Content:
(a) Who is the child with special needs (Define special needs then briefly explore 2 common disorders) (10 marks)
(b) Supporting children with special needs through technology – What does the research say about the use of technology in special education (10 marks)
(c) What facilities (services, programmes, resources) are there in your country and how easily accessible are they? There should be some expansion on the programme or organisation that offers the service. If one cannot be found locally, present information on a regional programme. (10 marks)
(d) Research and share information on one technological tool (hardware or software) that parents of children with any specified special need can use to communicate with their child or teach their child important life skills (including language and literacy). Include:
o Its name and the name of the company producing this piece of hardware or software (2 marks)
o Its main uses (5 marks)
o The special need it targets and a brief description of the disorder (8 marks)
o Its availability (1 mark)
o Your feelings and thoughts about its availability (4 marks)
4. Conclusion (6 marks)

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