Write two papers on:
1.What diversity leadership is?
2. The characteristics of a diverse leader.

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Diversity within the classroom is fundamental. One way of leading a culture of diversity is to recruit and maintain teachers from minority communities. With diversity, it follows that the classroom can serve as a foundation or cultural connection, which then opens up opportunities and prospects to the communities represented in the setting (Mojica, 2019). Apart from this, where the classroom includes teachers and leaders from the minority group, it follows that comfort is built around the school, which in turn promotes a high motivation among the students besides sustained academic achievement. In addition, diversity in the classroom plays the role of helping the students, especially those from the minority groups, to develop a sense of self and cultural identity while helping them to develop future aspirations (Mojica, 2019). Furthermore, diversity provides an effective avenue through which the students can connect their academic journey with the community, family, and the global setting.
The teacher preparation programs are a vital cog in the management of diversity in the classroom. According to Mojica (2019), a classroom setting might feature variety, but attrition, especially among the teachers from the minority groups, might prevail. Accordingly, the author identifies that the primary reason for minority teachers leaving the classroom and the teaching profession is...

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