Answer the following based on the articles.
1. What are the key questions the authors are addressing in these articles?
2. What is the most important information of these articles?
3. What are the implications for you as a teacher?
4. What did you learn from reading these articles.

-Coeditors’ Introduction: Closing Literacy Gaps: Understanding the Interrelationships Between Bilingualism and Biliteracy Development
-Home Language and Literacy Practices of Parents at One Spanish-English Two-Way Immersion Charter School
-Leading on Latino Issues
-Growing Up in the Shadows: The Developmental Implications of Unauthorized Status
-The Power of Context: State-Level Policies and Politics and the Educational Performance of the Children of Immigrants in the United States

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Although they tend to address different research questions, Feinauer and Whiting (2014), Suárez-Orozco et al. (2011), Dejesus (2017), Filindra, Blanding and Coll (2011), and Ortiz and Fránquiz (2014), in their different studies, look into the broader issue of the immigrants in the US, especially the illegal immigrants. Each of these authors addresses various questions, in an attempt to seek for reliable answers.

The study by Feinauer and Whiting (2014) seeks to assess how community and home literacy practices and language are associated with different groups of parents at the Spanish-English two-way immersion (TWI) charter school....

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