Part 1: Read Brown’s article titled, “Learning the anti-discriminatory way”

Part 2: Respond to the following bulleted points below:

1. What are some of the discriminatory practices that early years’ teachers/practitioners could display when planning for inclusion and diversity in their early childhood play settings?

2. With reference to the reading, identify two anti-discriminatory practices that teachers/practitioners could employ for increased inclusion and diversity within their indoor and outdoor settings.

3. Give a short account (one paragraph) of one situation where you demonstrated good practice in relation to anti-discriminatory practice.

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Summary of the reading

The reading “Learning the anti-discriminatory way” document the range of ways through which early childhood teachers can reflect on their practice, feelings, and feelings while enhancing their skills, understanding, and knowledge to help the young ones learn from their example (Brown, 1998). The reading exceptionally accounts for issues related to resourcing for equality. What is more, the article, through a checklist approach, elucidates on the way in which early childhood teachers contribute towards setting up an anti-discriminatory environment.

Citing Vygotsky, the reading presents that ECD play is revolutionary given the notion that it entails original, innovative thinking patterns in imaginative settings, which, in turn, allow for enriched cognitive ability (Brown, 1998)....

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