Write a Behavioral Plan
Potential Problems: Narrative relating key information about your selected student, including key information that relates to your class’s specific needs and/or requirements The student may have a special need like in the potential problems statement below in the sample pan.
In addition to the rules: Where does this student have difficulties integrating into your classroom community? What are “extra” rules needed for this student?
Routines: How is this student expected to behave on a daily behavior during your class?
Transitions: What routines will help this student transition more efficiently between activities, locations, and/or events?
Positive Reinforcements: How will this student’s acceptable behaviors be reinforced?
Consequences: How will this student’s negative behaviors be addressed?

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Potential Problems: Ericson is an 11 year old male child in grade 3. Ericson likes oral classes where he is given the opportunity to tell stories to his classmates and is a very jovial and talkative boy. In class, he sits next to the wall and likes answering oral questions when asked in class but is often behind in completing his written assignments, and sometimes fails to do the written assignments. His academic records show that he has from kindergarten, his parents have always requested his repeating of classes because of his performance but only repeated grade when. Through an oral conversation, Ericson is a very fluent speaker who does not show the existence of any learning challenges or problems. However, when told to write the story...

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