Compare and contrast the different management styles identified in Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid in terms of:

(a) Beliefs about human nature and worker motivation
(b) Beliefs about the appropriate relationship between managers and employees
(c) Beliefs about the structure and function of communication in organizational functioning. (pp. 48-50)

Organizational Communication:
Approaches and Processes
Katherine Miller
Texas A&M University

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Beliefs about human nature and motivation
Impoverished Leadership is one that emphasizes on the low production and less concerned with the people. This kind of style often believes that people should not be motivated and that they can work and achieve the goals of the organization. The second style, which is Country Club Leadership has the belief that people as part of their nature, should be motivated and this is the best way to make them improve on their efforts. This implies that such a style would give more focus on people, and less on production.
Authority compliance, which has a high concern for production, and a high concern for people. In its part, this kind of style has the belief that employees are just means to an end, and not that important....

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