A parent approaches you about a recent notice about the closure of school to facilitate an upcoming staff development session. The parents seemed distressed because they think this is happening once every semester and it is an inconvenience to them because they have to make alternative arrangements for their child.

Explain to the parent at least three benefits the staff training sessions can have on:
-Their child
-The staff
-The parent
-The school
-Make connection to at least one theoretical underpinning for each

Give one strategy the school can use to give parent ample notification to help them make better arrangements for their children.

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Benefits of Staff Training

Their Child
Staff training sessions provide continuous professional development for teachers in early childhood education. Professional development, especially in literacy and language learning, has a positive impact on a child’s literacy growth for learners from low-income families. Therefore, professional development can enhance a child’s literacy development. Another benefit of staff training is enhancing the teacher's understanding of the child’s role in professional education. Professional education can enhance their understanding of being an early education professional acting as a co-learner and partner in the process of learning (Unit 1, n.d.). The work, nature, and thoughts of the child should be respected and taken seriously (Unit 1, n.d.). Teachers can learn not to control the child or the learning process, but instead, illustrate respect through shared participation and cooperative action.

The third benefit of professional development is the ability to create supportive...

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