Workplace Conflict

In any Early Childhood settings, conflict can arise between co-workers, subordinates, managers or stakeholders. Therefore, as a manager in the Early Childhood Setting, knowledge on Management of Conflicts is important.

Conflict among team members in the Early Childhood Setting can lead to better results.

Opposing this position

Assignment Instructions:

-You must first post in your Debate Room (within the first week).
-In order to maximize your points, post your initial contribution by the start of the first week of discussion and respond to at least two (2) of your peers’ posts by the second week.
-Your introduction should include a description of the issue you will be debating as well as, a clear and direct statement about which side of the topic you will take.
-Research the topic and prepare logical arguments.
-Use the Models of Conflict Escalation to support your initial post.
-Gather supporting evidence and examples for position taken.
-Anticipate counter arguments and prepare rebuttals.
-At least three (3) references must be used in your initial posting and at least two (2) in your rebuttals.

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Workplace Conflict

Some argue that conflict among members in the early childhood setting has the potential to promote better outcomes. Among the core reasons given to support this standpoint is conflict ensures that everyone is part of the effort to resolve the problem, hence the possibility of reaching a mutual agreement, which might enhance the productivity of every party. However, if one is to account for the various models of conflict escalation, then the statement above does not reflect reality. Conflicts do not produce any benefit to the early childhood setting because the...

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