A recently graduated teacher joined your staff and is required to attend an already scheduled ‘professional development training for all staff members. She does not think she should attend because she has fresh knowledge and nobody can tell her anything she doesn’t already know.

Based on information gathered from the course develop an argument against the views of the new teacher.

You must give supporting evidence against the teacher’s stance.

Word limit 450-500

Responses word limit 200

Post your initial argument in the discussion forum. Only when you post you will be able to respond to a peer’s post.
Rebuttal- respond to one peer in the opposing group (within the second week).
You are to defend your original statement/s when peers comment.
Your introduction should include a description of the issue you will be debating, as well as a clear and direct statement about which side of the topic you will take.
Research the topic and prepare logical arguments.
Gather supporting evidence and examples for the position taken.
Anticipate counter-arguments and prepare rebuttals.
At least three (3) references must be used in your initial posting and at least two (2) in your rebuttal.
Identify at least one (1) theory of learning to support your initial post.

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The issue at hand concerns whether a recently graduated teacher, who has lately joined the ECD professional setting, is bound to take part in an already scheduled professional development training mandatory for all the staff members. The argument made by the new staff member is that, since she has fresh knowledge, she should not feature in the training program. To her, she has the knowledge that the training program will impart. This line of thinking is against the professional standards within the ECD setting. Besides the need for understanding the children at the center, the...

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