Question 1: What does participation and inclusion mean? How can you as a teacher work for all students' right to participation and learning?
Question 2: Imagine that you work as a teacher and that there are students in your class who are in need of special educational efforts to reach the knowledge requirements. Give a brief example of an educational situation where you plan for a special educational effort in the form of extra adaptation. Describe and discuss the educational consequences of your planned effort.
Question 3: Imagine that you work as a teacher and that you teach a student with problem-creating behavior. You have tried to adapt the teaching to solve the problems that arise around the student, but you are worried that more efforts are required than the adjustments you have made. Explain and discuss the importance of collaborating with other teachers, EVH, guardians or external parties to increase the student's ability to meet the knowledge requirements.
Question 4: Briefly describe a situation from your working day that you consider to contain special educational challenges. Discuss several possible special educational solutions for the situation. What dilemmas can arise about each of your proposed solutions, and how can it affect students' learning and the experience of being included? What ethical aspects do you need to consider?

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Question1: Participation and inclusion refer to the basic principles of equity and justice within schools. Students have a right to education for them to take part in political and social life while enjoying their political and civil rights. Therefore, all children are entitled to an education regardless of their experiences or abilities. Participation and inclusion, thus aims at providing equal opportunities to all students with no prejudice or discrimination (Enochsson & Minten, 2015). For instance, students with disabilities should be granted the same rights to access education and education services. Children often come from different social and economic backgrounds. Such diversity often means unequal learning or education opportunities, services, and resources. However, schools should provide standard education services, quality, and resources to uphold children’s rights in education accessibility (Enochsson & Minten, 2015). Schools and teachers are required to adapt to the needs of all pupils regardless of their situation, diversity, or abilities. Participation and inclusion also refers to upholding the rights of children in terms of learning and education. Children have a right to express their meanings in all learning issues (Allodi, 2007). Therefore, schools and teachers should allow children to take part in their learning through their individual voices. Through collaborative learning, children can take part in their own development. The quality of education should also illustrate the values of justice and equality across all schools.
As a teacher, I believe it is imperative to advocate for all students’ right to participation and learning. Based on the challenges of unequal educational systems, teachers need to show acceptance through appreciation of student diversities. Students have different capabilities that should be appreciated in their...

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