For each question write 1 paragraph that fully answer the question. Provide references from the text to support your answers.
1. How can a child who struggles because of a lack of good teaching be differentiated from the child who has a persistent learning disability?
2. What are the challenges and benefits of placing students with EBD in restrictive settings with others students who display challenging behaviors? Do you agree with such placements for this group of students? Why or why not?
3. A teacher should not recommend to a parent that a child should be referred to a physician to be evaluated for ADHD or suggest that the student could benefit from medication. What should teachers do when they suspect that a child is showing symptoms of ADHD?
4. Do you support the use of medication to control symptoms of ADHD? Why or why not? What alternative to medications can assist with the symptoms of ADHD? Explain your response.

The book information: McLeskey, J., Rosenberg, M. S., & Westling, D. L. (2018). Inclusion: Effective Practices for All Learners. New York: Pearson

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Question 1
A child who struggles because of a lack of good teaching can be differentiated from a child who has a persistent learning disability. According to McLeskey, Rosenberg & Westling (2018), a child with learning disabilities often illustrates certain characteristics such as memory working memory. As such, a child with learning disabilities will not remember the vocabulary or mathematical facts. Children with learning disabilities also illustrate increased impulsivity. These children lack the skills to maintain focus as well as attention. Unlike...
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