A plane is required to fly from point A to B, flying over C, whereby point C is a vast sea with no lands and no satellites.
Design a minimum avionics suite to fly from point A to B.

Design along this architecture:
1) Navigation
2) Communications & Identifications
3) Radar & Sensors
4) Display & Controls
5) Flight Management System

Include the reasons for choosing certain components.

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1. Navigation
Magnetic Heading: Primary form of positioning and navigation, since there are no satellites in Site C
Gyroscopic Heading: This Gyroscope is used to augment the magnetic heading to produce an accurate heading output
4. Display & Controls
a. Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Attitude, Heading Indicator: Basic Flight Instruments
b. Control Surfaces: Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons: Standard configuration of control surfaces....

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