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(20 pts.) A flight test engineer wants obtain aerodynamic data an aircraft at an ambient pressure of 7kN/m² Using Standard Atmosphere table given in Appendix A. determine at what altitude should the aircraft be flown? What type of altitude this? b. fthe temperature probe the aircraft measures ambient air temperature 28°C at the flying altitude and assuming the ambient pressure is as desired what is the density altitude flight? 2. (30 pts.) rectangular wing with m span has NACA 2412 airfoil The wing being tested in av tunnel at standard : level condition with wind speed angle of attack of degrees. Assume that two-dimensional airflow can be achieved the wind tunnel a. Calculate the Reynolds the flow (use mean acrodynamic chord the reference length). Then determine from the NACA 2412 airfoil data given in Appendix b. How much lift, drag. and pitching moment about its aerodynamic center the wing generating? c. Whatis angle of attack of the wing generate the lift 7000 N? d. To what angle attack zero lift? e. Express the lift coefficient angle attack equation in the form c-m-a+n. Express their values for the NACA 2412 airfoil 3. (25pts.) Consider flying wing 206 10. span efficiency factor and a NACA airfoil. The weight the flying wing 7.5x10 N. If the aircraft altitude km speed ol 100 m/s. determine a. the angle of for b. the lift c. the drag the aircraft experiences during the flight (use the highest Re the 4412 airfoil data Appendix and assume CD,min drag polar). d. the lift- to-drag ratio for the flight. 4. (25pts.) The Fairchild Republic A- 10 with the following characteristics in steady- level flight C. -0.032 S-47m² W-103,234 N AR-6.5 e-0.87 Write the drag polar equation for the A-10 at this condition b Find the stall sealevel. c. flying at 150m/s sealevel, what are the lift and drag experienced during flight? d. Assuming that all the lift necessary for the A-10 flight produced by the wing. and the airfoil thin with zero-lift angle and span efficiency factor of 0.9. determine the angle attack to achieve the flight condition given Appendix A Characteristics the International Standard Atmosphere, SI Units Altitude, Temperature, Density,P Speed Viscosity, kg/m³ Sound. d kg/ms m/s 101325 1.225 1.79E-05 95461 1.1673 338.4 77E-05 84560 10581 334.5 74E-05 1.0066 1.73E-05 1.71E-05 0.90926 0.86341 0.73643 1.63E-05 0.69747 1.61E-05 Appendix B NACA 2412 Appendix C

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