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Q1. A hydroelectric power plant uses the reaction of ethylene (𝐢2𝐻4) with oxygen to generate vapour. The products of this reaction are carbon dioxide and water.
a) How much ethylene is required by the power plant if 6500 kg of steam at 120 ℃ is produced in an hour? (Assume 100% yield)
b) Recalculate your answer for a 75 % yield.

The heat capacities of water are
𝐢𝑝𝑣=1.996 𝐾𝐽/π‘˜π‘”β„ƒ,
the heat of vaporization for water is Ξ”β„ŽΜ‚π‘£=2256.9 𝐾𝐽/π‘˜π‘”,
and the power plant takes water from a source at 15 ℃

C2H4+1/2O2    =    C2H4O (Mediate reaction)

Reaction C2H4 + 3O2 = 2CO2+2H2O ( Main reaction)

Molecular weight C2H4=28, O2= 32, H2O=18

Sol: Basis: One hour of operation at 120 deg C

Steam production (water) =6500kg of steam/hour
Mole of steam (water) =6500/18= 361.11kmol
Since C2H4=2H2O

C2H4 reacted=1/2* H2O(Produced)
=180.555 kMol...

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