1. You are going to perform amine stripping from an air stream by passing it through a bed of absorption media particles. The particles have a diameter of 0.10mm, a shape factor of 0.86, and a density of 1200 kg/m³. You can assume the air feed stream to the bed is at 25 °C and 202.65 kPa absolute pressure. The void fraction at minimum fludization has been estimated to be 0.43. The absorption bed has 350 kg of particle solids in it and is 0.60m in diameter. Answer the following questions:
a. What is the minimum height of the fluidized bed?
b. What is the pressure drop across the bed at minimum fluidization?
c. What is the minimum superficial fluidization velocity?
d. What is the maximum superficial velocity possible through the bed?
e. What is the porosity of the bed at 4 times the minimum fluidization velocity?

2. Oil (specific gravity = 0.8) flows smoothly through a circular cross-section reducer at arate of 3ft³/s. The incoming pipe diameter to the reducer is 12 inches and the outgoing pipe diameter from the reducer is 2.5 inches. The pressure of the oil coming into the reducer is 50 psig and the pressure of the oil leaving the reducer is 5 psig. What force must be applied to hold the reducer in place?

3. Water is to be heated in a single pass shell-and-tube heat exchanger using hot gases from a furnace. The water flow to be heated is 13.85 kg/s and the water enters at 54.5°C. The air must be heated to 90 °C. The hot gas flow rate is 54,430 kg/hr and it enters at a temperature of 427 °C and has a heat capacity of 1.005 kJ/kg°C. The overall heat transfer coefficient in this case has been estimated at 69.1 W/m²K.
a. What is the exit temperature of the hot gas in this case?
b. If the heat exchanger operates in co-current flow, what heat transfer area is required?
c. If the heat exchanger operates in a counter-current flow, what heat transfer area is required?

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