1. Complete the Aspen tutorial and Biphenyl process paying attention to the decisions you make. Make a list of decisions you make and customize your flowsheet for at least one continuous and one 0-1 decision variable.Then, starting from the short-cut Aspen results of the biphenyl flowsheet, provide a linear mass balance of a design of biphenyl plant using Aspen.A linear balance implies you have stoichiometric reactors, mixers and component splitters for the flowsheet. Submittal should include
• A word document with your initial short-cut and skeleton flowsheet;modified flowsheet skeleton and short cut flowsheet;coupled with stream summaries comparisons for each flowsheet in the Table format highlighting major differences incurred with your decisions; Table of splits for separators and conversions for reactors for skeleton designs, equipment sizes and specs and costs for short-cut design.
• Your short-cut and skeleton aspen input files

2. Patients with certain diseases are treated through injection of drugs and proteins into blood streams. With injection,there is sudden increase in the protein or drug concentration in the blood to very high levels, but then the concentration rapidly falls. A steady concentration in blood is of paramount value to increase the therapeutic efficacy as well as reducing the toxic side effects. The controlled release technology provide the path optimize the drug concentration in the blood. The drug or protein is encapsulated in the polymer and is slowly released into the blood stream maintaining their concentration at a constant desirable level.
This problem is related to performance of a controlled release system. The drug delivery systems utilize such an analysis in their design.
a. A controlled release capsule containing 100 μg of drug is injected to a patient. The drug is released at a rate of 8.0 exp (-0.1t)μg/h where t is hours after injection. What fraction of the drug is released after 24 hours?
b. Once in the blood stream, the drug is lost at a rate of 3.0μg/h as a result of degradation reactions and elimination processes. How does the mass (μg) of drug in bloodstream vary as a function of time? At what time the drug concentration is the highest?
c. If you want to have the mass of the drug to stay above 15 μg in the bloodstream for at least 10 hours within a 24 hour period and have maximum on 12th hour, what parameter values in the drug release rate and drug lost rate should be targeted?
d. Which component(s) of product design this analysis address? What other considerations apply in design of this product class (time released products)?

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In this laboratory is about the knowledge on how using the Aspen Plus simulator in development and evaluation of preliminary designs of a process.
The process selected for this exercise was the Biophenyl process which was simulated from very basic flowsheet until to incorporated more complex equipment in order to represent realistic scenarios. This was made in four steps.
Figure 1 shown the skeleton flowsheet, where raw material streams (1) and (2) were mixed in B1, then the resulting stream (3) was fed to an equilibrium reactor (B2), and finally the outlet stream (4) were separated in two flash-stages (B3 & B4) in order to purify the product...

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