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Assumptions A=3 B=9 C=8 D=4 E=3 Solve the below three problems using assumptions and write the code into Matlab and get thegraphs Problem 3 Let the "BAD" kN load be located distance (meters) to the left of Find the magnitude of the tensionin the support ling cable and the magnitude of the force on the pin at Ain terms of (a) Plot and A as : function of letting crange bet ween Oand m. (b) Find the minimum and maximum values for Tand A when varies between0 and! m. The beam AB is standard 0.5 m I-beam with mass of BE kg per meter of length. 0.25 n B m 0.12m 1.5 m BAD kN 5m Problem 4 Theindicated location of the center of gravity of the "BCED" lb pickup truckis for the unloaded condition. load WL whose center of gravity inches behind the rear axle added the truck Find the relationship between WL and xif the normal forces underthe front and rear wheels are to be equal. For this case, plot WI asa function of ranging between Oand 50inches. - 45° 67* Problem 5 Atension T of magnitude BB' kN applied to the cable att tached to the top Aofthe rigid mass and secured to the ground at B. Let the coordinates of point B be (xB, o, zB)instead of (BA, o, C)as figure. Find general expression for Mo (the moment of about the base o) asa function of xB and zB. xB ranges from 15to15. (a) Plot hemagnitude of Moand its components about the and axes (Mx and Mz) as function of xB for zB= Cm.Forthis case, determine the suitablerange for xB Mois not tobe exceeded 100 kN.m (b) Find a simple way to explain to a construction worker (who has not taken this course) all safe locations(if any) for Bit Mo cannot exceed 100kN.m. y A 15 m T BE kN o 2 R x Z BA m C m B

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%%%%%% problem 3 %%%%%%
% T - tension
% R - magnitude of the reaction force at A
% c - distance to BAD load from point B


R=sqrt(x.^2 + y.^2);

grid on;
legend('tension','reaction at A');
xlabel('c-distance to BAD load from B in meters');

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