1. We have a stream of superheated steam available at 800 psia and 600°F and wish to expand it to a pressure of 150 psia at the rate of 100,000 lb/hr. Use Aspen Plus® to determine the exit temperature, phase condition (vapor fraction) and power recovered if we use an:

a) Adiabatic throttling valve
b) Isentropic expansion turbine
c) Expansion turbine with an isentropic efficiency of 75%

2. For the tubular reactor to saponify ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide (Example 15.1):

a) Assuming plug flow and perfect radial mixing, generate a graph for length of reactor vs reactant conversion to cover the range from 0 to 99% conversion.
b) Assuming fully developed laminar flow and no radial diffusion, generate a graph of length of reactor vs reactant conversion to cover the range from 0 to 99% conversion.

3. We have access to a mixed gas stream at 300°F and 100 psia that consists of:

100 lb/hr of methane
150 lb/hr of carbon dioxide 75 lb/hr of propane
300 lb/hr of water
75 lb/hr of n-butane

We want to lower the temperature and pressure of this stream to 200°F and 25 psia. Use the IDEAL EOS and then two different and appropriate equations of state to determine

1) the dewpoint temperature of this stream at 25 psia
2) the vapor fraction at 200°F and 25 psia.

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