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Infrared thermography (IRT) applications for building diagnostics: A review

You are required to perform a literature review and produce a similar document with title: Ultrasound applications for building diagnostics. You can find information in the library, from professionals (i.e. other academics, engineers, companies, etc.) and on the internet. Please make sure that you consider a satisfactory number of references which are properly cited in your text.

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Abstract: Since inception, due to technology advancement, the application of ultrasound is now broadened. Ultrasonic method, a non- destructive technology based on ultrasound now a day has been widely adopted in civil engineering works as well, particularly in diagnosis of structural components and building as a whole. Ultrasonic pulse velocity test is a qualitative field test in which ultrasonic pulse velocity are measured. The ultrasonic method inspected the property of concrete quality, durability and deterioration and also detecting the small flaws. It is also useful for assessing structural integrity and soundness of the structure by determine the discontinuities, cracks (small flaws) and depth of cracks. Being higher frequency or in other way lower wavelength of radiation deployed in this method, the capability, particularly in detecting small flaws/cracks are very high or in other word we can say this method is highly sensitivity in detecting small flaws....
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