Explain the construction techniques used in the safe, economic and sustainable design and construction of a typical civil engineering project.
The topic is on smart motorways.

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Introduction: The role of the Engineer in the safe management and control of technology on the site is vital to the successful delivery of projects. This work is aimed at to study the construction techniques used in the safe, economic, sustainable design and construction of a typical civil engineering project. We had taken the topic of construction technique deployed in smart motor ways. Till date the concept of smart motorways is not generalized in all countries and typically seen in developed countries including England. The smart motorway approach is the modern way approach adopted in section of roadway to efficiently manages the traffic flow through that section. A smart motorway is actually a smart ways that deployed modern technology with the aim to manage and smooth the flow of traffic in general and the flow of growing traffic in actual. This technique is not deployed in all along the basic motorway but at some section of that motorway where there is heavy congestion by using the hard shoulder as a lane available for use by traffic and hence to control the traffic flow, to prevent the condition of traffic jam that arises otherwise, to minimizing the accidental cases by varying the speed limit in a particular section is the prime aim of smart motorways...
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