Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Introduction,Procedure and Discussion
1. Description of oedometer cell and test equipment.
2. Provide answers to the following twoquestions:
a) What two phenomena can be evaluated during a 1-D consolidation test on clays?
b) How are these parameters used in geotechnical engineering and design (include examples)?
3. Describe what happens to a soil sample from start to finish of a load cycle. In particular, link the dial reading versus time behavior to the excess pore pressure within the sample.

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1. Description of oedometer cell and test equipment.
For conducting consolidation test, two type of consolidometers(oedometers) including Floating-ring and fixed ring are deployed amongst them, fixed-ring consolidometer are commonly used. It’s permit ASTM D2435 standard. In consolidation test, we are evaluating the parameters of soil for use in determining the time rate and magnitude of settlement of soils under load. The test conditions are such that the test specimen is completely confined laterally, freely drained in vertical direction, and subjected to a vertical, axial load. The apparatus may consist of loading device through which desire load is acted upon the soil placed in oedometer cell, air regulator, pressure gauge to measure the pressure, control valves, and oedometer (Consolidometer). Porous stone, Moist room, deformation Indicator, Trimming Equipment, Drying Oven, Balances, Miscellaneous equipment like moisture content cans, spatulas, wax heater, and data sheets.
Consolidometer: The Consolidometer shall...

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