Choose an engineering topic and write two (2) technical papers. Each paper should not be a continuation of the preceding paper, but cover a separate element of the same broad engineering category that was chosen. For example a student could choose concrete and write the first paper on admixtures and the second paper on environmental effects on curing. Each paper should be a minimum of 3 pages and no more than 4 pages in total length. In addition each paper should have a minimum of 3 technical references.

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It is estimated that about one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) is released to atmosphere for every ton of Portland cement that is manufactured. This is the result of chemical release of carbon dioxide from calcining the limestone feedstock, burning of fossil fuels in kilns to raise the temperature to calcining level and emissions related to the electricity used for manufacture (Harrison 2004). Collectively, there is a unit embodied energy, as well as green house gas emissions(…).As focus on less carbon dioxide emitting cements became the need of the hour, eco-cements gained popularity. They have potentially low embodied energy, reduced CO2 emissions, large potential for CO2 sequestration and have the ability to divert to production use a wide range of waste materials such as plastics, paper glass, flyash, bottom ash, slags etc.
Materials and Processes Involved
Tececo cement technology involves a hydraulic cement (a cement that reacts irreversibly with water) like Portland cement, reactive magnesia and a pozzolan. Tec-cements consist of more Portland cement than active magnesia (5-15%) while Tececo-cements contain more magnesia than in tec-cements (Harrison 2003).The pozzolan, a naturally occurring volcanic product, consumes the portlandite (free lime) released during the curing of Portland cement. This helps to produce more of the strength giving component of the cement, namely calcium silicate hydrate or CSH.
To make Tececo-ecocement, first magnesite, which is a compound of Mg, is heated to 600-750◦C in a Tec-kiln. The lower firing temperature...

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