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Question Fully Stressed Beam Design A 2014 16 aluminium cantilever beam fixed at A. Ihere isa concentrated vertica load, P, acting at B anda constant distributed load W. arting between and C The beam has rectangular cross- sectiona shown below You have been tasked with designing this beam, the client requires that you produce fully stressed beam design. W A c - 2.0m The magnitur the applied loads are material properties for 2014 -5kN/m Symbol Value Units - 20kN 79.00 GPa Galles 414.0 MPa 172.0 MPa g/cm³ Asa consultant engineer you are tasked with designing the beam. This you will a) Sulve for the reaction lorces and co istruct the shear lorte and bending moment diagrams. b) Determine an expression for the bending momen in terms ot fx. You should formulateyour equation to start rom the lipol the beam. (i.e. at Point C, x=0 and coint 0m) c) Calculate and graph the dimensions of the beam as: function ofx along the lengthof the beam. Note: The dimensions are not constant along the length of the beam d) Ensure that the beam can read the applied shear loading with out lailing Does you idealised cress section require any alteration? Justify your answer. c) Calculate the mass. of your beam and compare to aprismatic (constant sectioni heam design. Question Shaft Design An A36 tructural steel solit circular shaft shownbelow, supported by two Point and Point The bearings car reac vertical and horizontal loads only (no moments). The bearings cannet react forces along the shaft axds) There are two equal and opposite torsional moments applied the shaft Point and Point Point has twoidealised loads acting in thex and yaxes, Pre resper dively. Point has single ading they diredion, P& Abell applics In assumed that thebell Iridtionless heme dom torsional moment totheshaft 100m P2 100mm +5mm / The magnitude applied loads are: The materia properties for A36 Structural Steel 25.0kN (positive Symbol Value Units P..= 14.0kN (positive v) 200.0 GPa OkN (positivey) 250.0 MPa W.= 100kN/m inggalive ") T= 1kN.m (as shown) 150.0 MPa Yom Lisked with bram mard: a) Solve for the reaction forces at the supports. b) Construct the shear force, hending mament and for the shaft Youmay findi convenient to construct the SPD and - c) Determine the critical locations on the shaft. Ensure that you justify your decision d) Using your results to b and c) determine the minimum diameter D. of the shaft tosupport the appli leading Hint: you should use the meximum shear stress theory to design the shaft Question Indeterminate Beam Design and Deflection A 2014-16 alumin um beam rigidly fixed wall and supported at the free end with a moller support, shawm briow The beam with point Inad, of 10kN and moment, Both the load and the moment act thedirection shown the image below. Nole, the parameter DE related to your stadent numbro as described en the lirst page of this document -0.25m o 100mm A B M - The material propertie for 2014-16 alum nium are: Symbol Value Units 79.00 Collew 414.0 172.0 You area consultant eng this you must: al Sulve for thems lion the morment area thodor the mether youpreler b) Construct the shear force ano bending mament c) identifi bendir ng moment and shear d) Check that the bear can support the applied bending shear stresses are less than e) Calculate the deflection of at P)using the moment area method f) Comment your answers to ande. is the beam der designed? Whatmodification would you sugges tomore ellicier tly design thebcam? you modily the beam comment onhow vour suggested changes will inl uence thebending stress, shear stress and deflection.

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