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Problem I (20 points) A cable system in equilibrium is holding a 25 slug cylinder as shown in Figure ((a). Determine the tension forces in Cables 1, 2 and 3. A force diagram of the system is provided in Figure 1(b). (Use 8 - 32.17 ft/s') e y1 cable 1 5 6 40° cable 2 2 1 cable 3 X 3 25 slug (a) (b) Figure 1 Cables holding a mass of 25 slugs Problem 2 (30 points) Find the support reactions of the simply supported beams in Figure 2 (ignore the self-weight of the beam). 300 1b 100 Ib 150 lb 200 1b 100 lb 40F 00 5 ft 8ft 8ft 5 ft Figure 2 Simply supported beam Problem 3 (40 points) Frame subjected .o "I: combined and excema lonces are: shown in Figures 3 and 4. For simp icity, the combined loads zre conve-ted into point loada. Plezse answer the following question. Nort: A&T Univers..y Sacnuel D. Proctor Schou. of Iducation bildicg -f: 8ft 8% 8f: an 8 tt 4ft 83 it S tt 8 ft + + + + + + + 10 kips 10 kiss 1c kips 20<ps 2 t 10 (x) (b) Figure 3 Canti.ever truss structures and concrete wal's fixed at supports A) The fratte structure (z) in the state of resl. Deterrine zn app isd nomert znd forvass (horizontel, vertical and moment rections) at support A (clearly, show the direction and magnitude of each reaction). B) The frame strecture (b) remains in the state of rest. Determine an applied moment and reaction forces (horizontal, vertical znd moment reactions) zl support A (clearly. show lne direction and magnitude of each reaction). Why is the applied montent at Suppor: A smaller than one in Problem 3 A)? </ps

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