8. A proportional controller for a rotating antenna has a gain KP of 5 in · oz/deg.
The antenna was initially pointing due south but was then commanded to point southeast.
a.Find the initial torque supplied to the antenna.
b.What is the torque when the antenna gets to within 5° of its set point?

12.A proportional control system is to be used to control the wing flaps of a jet airplane.
The wind load is expected to cause as much as 600 in · lb of torque.
The system should be able to keep the flaps to within 5° of the set point.
Find the gain KP necessary to meet the requirements.

13.Explain how the addition of integral feedback in a proportional control system eliminates steady-state error.

19.Explain how derivative feedback makes a control system more responsive to rapid change and how it reduces overshoot.

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Explain how the addition of integral feedback in a proportional control system eliminates steady-state error.
The way a proportional control system works is application of a gain proportional to the error between the actual output and the desired output. So as the output approaches the desired output, the error decreases, thus the gain decreases, and this decrease will continue indefinitely towards the output. Therefore, the current output will never reach the exact value of the desired output. The integral controller has memory of all the error signals and is based on their sum, as opposed to the proportional controller, which is based on the current error....
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