Write a paper on solar power and applications in space-crafts – trends and merits.

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Using solar power for terrestrial applications was there since a long time and has shown its mettle in number of applications. Solar power technology has become versatile for number of applications due to their advantages of zero pollution and the zero operating costs. Apart from these specific advantages it became mandatory for the space craft applications to depend on the solar power technologies. However still the solar power perhaps is the only dependable alternative for energy requirements in the space appliances like spacecrafts. However there can be differences in the technologies employed for making the solar cells in the space craft applications than on the terrestrial applications. Little changes in the technology, which make the solar cell compatible with the extremities of the atmospheric conditions will make them versatile and useful in number of space bound applications. The present essay is a write- up discussion of the potential of using the solar power in the form of solar cells in the space craft and other space applications....

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