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PV modules needed:
The total consumption per day = 1.092KWhr
Hence the actual supply needed from the PV panels = 1.3 * 1.092KWhr = 1.4196KWhrs.
Watt-peak hours needed = 1.4196/3.43 = 0.414KWhr =414Whr-Peak
The actual rating of the PV modules available = 110Wp
Hence the number of PV modules needed =414/110 ~ 4 PV modules are needed.

Inverter Rating:
Inverter rating should be sum of all the ratings of the appliances = (18+3*60+3*75) = 423W~ 425W
Inorder to account for the surge currents during the starting, the inverter capacity is accounted for three times the motor start up as per the needs of the fan and the refrigerator capacities....

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