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Please find something interesting on wind that was published since January 2015 on Wind Energy. This could be some new policy, a new project, a community controversy, a new technology, or any other news throughout the world. Summarize the article (no copy and paste please) and provide the URL.


Reflection: Wind Policy

I thought Mr. Mudd did a great job describing the economics and policy related to Wind Energy. The bottom line is that although the economics of wind are pretty good even without subsidies (cheaper than new coal, but not quite as cheap as natural gas), there are still some arguments (beyond environmental) against wind power.

I wrote a brief summary (incomplete and without proper citation) regarding some of the main points of contention with wind energy (beyond environmental issues). The list typically includes high costs, too much government support (regulations or financing), and unreliability of power generation. To be sure, wind power is not perfect.

For your reflection I want you to read my Brief (though excellent) Summary of wind. Second, skim the paper ( by Robert Bryce (Manhattan Institute) suggesting what a bad idea wind is. (FYI: This is a dense paper - it has a lot of numbers relating to the cost of wind energy. Do your best on understanding the general arguments and take away as much as possible from his analysis. There are many facts presented, but they are presented in such a way to support his argument.)

For your reflection:

What was the central argument and point of the Bryce paper? (We need more details than "Wind is expensive"). You need to provide enough details here to ensure that we know you read and understood the basic arguments of the paper.

What arguments struck you as most convincing from his perspective (wind is bad)?

What are some possible responses or rebuttal to a few of these arguments?

Did you find anything that was obviously misleading - if so what?

List one or two groups or organizations that fund the Manhattan Institute - the organization that Robert Bryce works for? (You will need to do a quick web search.)

NOTE: This is a very real life debate that is going on across the country! Learning about this information will be very useful to you in your life as you consider these energy sources.

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The news item that I chose is about a wind turbine project that was in the planning stages in Maryland and has been abandoned by its developers due to “political roadblocks”. There are several reasons opponents often fight against wind energy including disruption of scenic views, concern over wildlife impacts, among others. This article is interesting because the opponents in this case are worried about the turbines’ potential interference with a military base and specifically its radar system.
A company called “Pioneer Green Energy” announced that it was essentially giving up on a 25-turbine wind energy project it had been working on for Somerset County, located along the coast of Southern Maryland....

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