2. A well-planted palm tree plantation produces 500 tons of biodiesel per km² per year. Korean per capita oil use a year is about 2,900 liters. To provide the same amount of energy from the oil by the biodiesel, how large area is needed for Korea? The Korean population is 50,000,000. The oil has 43
MJ/kg, and its density is 0.73 kg/liter. The biodiesel has 38 MJ/kg, and its density is 0.88 kg/liter. In addition, compare the required area with the area of Korea (about 100,000 km²).
3. A nuclear power plant transmits 1400 MWe of power through a transmission line of length 350 km with the resistance of 0.01 Q/km from Kori power plant (Busan) to Seoul. Calculate the percentage loss of power if the line is at 100 kV and 700 kV. In addition, calculate minimum required transmission voltage to reduce power loss under 0.5%.
5. Search the energy consumption for desalination by MSF to produce 1 m³ of water. Find the heat of evaporation for 1 m³ of seawater at 1 bar. Provide the reason why the energy required for the desalination is far less than the heat of evaporation. Sea water salinity is 35% (permillage). If necessary, use appropriate assumption.

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