1. ISO 50001, is based on PDCA model, for each of the following task, identify which part of PDCA is belonged to;
a) Develop capabilities and support necessary to maintain and improve energy performance
b) Select a leader as management representative give them the resources necessary
c) Measure, monitor and evaluate energy performance
d) Modify activities that don't result in improvements and allocate resources

2. For the following tasks, identify the related ISO 50001 section number, with a short statement of the section taking from the standard
a. Job descriptions, implementation project plan
b. Management Review procedure
c. Competency assessments, training plans, action plans, work instructions, procedures
d. Interdepartmental task request, e-mail

3. ABC Company has energy management system in place and follows ISO 50001, based on the company energy management manual; there is a management review in July and December every year. In March 2013, the company is being audited for certificate renewal. Auditor reviews of the company’s procedure 8-22.
The company's Procedure number 8-22 states the boiler stack excess oxygen must be in the range of 2.5% to 3.5 % during full load which was approved during management review in Dec. 2011. When the auditor reviewing the company's energy document for year 2012, the auditor found that in the month of March 2012 for the full load boiler stack excess oxygen indicated that on:

3/08/12 𝑂₂ , was 2.6 %
3/15/12 𝑂₂, was 2.8 %
3/22/12 𝑂₂, was 3.4 %
3/29/12 𝑂₂, was 3.6 %
Did the company get the nonconformances (justify)? If yes, what steps and actions does the auditor needs to take (consider all the possibilities) & write an action plan.

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(i) PDCA
(ii) Do
(iii) Plan
(iii) Check
(iV) Act

(ii)ISO 50001 sections
i) Section 4.5
(Moving on to the β€˜do’ part of the standard, ISO 50001 requires your organisation to use the action plans and other outputs form the planning process to implement and operate your system.)...

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