Design a warehouse for food process 50,000ft² and 15 ft height, it contain 15% meat , 15% Vegetable, and other is a storage area temp at T=-4c Max , T= -15c Min, the warehouse is located in Miami with no windows and using Gas cycle refrigeration method

1. Sketches
2. Thermal analysis
3. Temp drop
4. Load heat
5. Power consuming
6. Absorption
7. Any general output from this design

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The requirements of the current task are to design a warehouse which is meant for food processing.

Given Data
Physical Dimensions of the ware house:
The given ware house is having dimensions of 50,000 sq.ft x 15 ft in height.
Hence the total volume of the ware house = 7,50,000 cubic feet.

Temperature conditions of the ware house:
The maximum temperature of the ware house space = -4 degree Celsius
The minimum temperature of the ware house space = -15 degree Celsius

From the above temperature conditions, the refrigeration system is expected to design
Further the principle of the refrigeration cycle to be employed for the current ware house need to be Gas Cycle Refrigeration.

Ventilation conditions of the ware house:
As of now the ware house does not have any type of windows and hence can be considered to have no ventilation loss from the inner space.

Ware house external temperature conditions:
The location of the ware house is Miami.
Miami average minimum temperature is 23 degree Celsius and the average maximum temperature is 30 degree Celsius, The average temperature of the surroundings in Miami is 26.5 degree Celsius.

The contents in the ware house are 15% meat
Vegetables are about 15%
Considering the percentages expressed above are of volume basis,
The amount of meat that normally will be kept in the ware house
= 0.15 * 7,50,000 cubic feet. = 112500 cubic feet.
The amount of vegetables that will be kept in the ware house
=0.15 * 7,50,000 cubic feet = 112500 cubic feet
Rest of the space is air....

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