Write a two-page progress report to your “client” in which you state how far you have advanced in your research for your final project.
(Note: both the rough draft and the revised report are included in this solution)

You must mention your subject, the type of final project you are doing, the research you have done so far, your preliminary results, any problems you have run into, and any changes in plan or orientation.

You must also make up and include a very small table, graph, or other visual.

•Your report should be a little under two pages long, including the visual, single spaced and in 12-point. You must include clearly visible sections and headings.
•Please hand in a recent rough draft and this assignment page with your report.
Your rough draft must show some meaningful visible editing.
•Your progress report is supposed to contain some of the technical information that will appear in your final report. Try to use some material from your one-page sample.
Please note: Your "client" is not interested in work that you did as background or which parts of the report you are composing right now. Your “client” is interested in your research results.
Don’t mention:

• Material you tried to get but couldn’t.
• People you called who didn't answer.
• What part of the final report you’re writing right now

Do mention:

• Some positive information
• Some research results

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The purpose of this report is to inform you the progress I have made so far in feasibility analysis of a career in Electrical Engineering project. This project began on March 9, 2013 and it will end by the end of Math 2013. In this report, I provide you a brief summary of project description, work completed, work in progress, changes in plan, problems encountered, and overall assessment of the project. ...

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