Emergency responders arrive to find a multitude of different scenarios, and when responding to Hazardous Materials the list can be very long.
However there are a few Chemicals that responders most often arrive at the scene to find.
They include:
Natural Gas
Diesel Fuel
Jet Fuel
Av Gas
Carbon Monoxide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Hydrogen Cyanide
Oxygen (gaseous and liquid or LOX)
Anhydrous Ammonia
For this assignment you will make a quick response reference sheet for each of the compounds/chemicals listed above.
Items that must be included are: FP, VP, VD, some chemical/physical properties, Fire Point or Ign. Temp., Flammable Limits-UEL-LEL, Toxic limits.
This list is partial and can include other vital information.
These represent the minimum requirement.
This assignment should be formatted so the chemical name and information can be easily read.
Be sure to provide documentation on where you found the information for the chemical.
Similar to a citation; however if it is an MSDS from a web page just provide that information/link.
If it is from a book then it will resemble a citation from an abstract.

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Quick Response Reference Sheet
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