1) Why are honeycomb and core materials used?
What is the general role of the core and skins (or factsheets) in sandwich structures?
2) What constitutes an axial fatigue failure in sandwich structures?
Shall we look at maximum stiffness reduction (for a certain number of cycles) or strength at failure and why?
3) If a joint needs to be designed under peel load, which type of joint will you select and why?

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Q1. The reasons for using honeycomb and core materials are given below:
1) Honeycomb materials are generally used as core materials for sandwich structures between two thin high-strength facings.
2) Honeycomb materials can take shear loads as well as providing structural rigidity by keeping high-strength materials away from the neutral axis where tensile and compressive stresses are high.
3) Honeycomb materials are used for the design of crash resistant parts because they can provide predictable crash behavior.
4) Honeycomb materials also have the characteristics of radiation shielding and attenuating signals across a wide frequency range.
5) Sometimes the foam is used as a core material to increase the bending stiffness and thickness of the structural members without proportionately increasing the weight of the member.
The general role of the core and skins (or factsheets) in sandwich structures:
The factsheets are generally made with high strength materials such as steel and composite materials. The core is made of light and thick materials such as honeycomb materials, foam etc...

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