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nstructions: Attach clearly labeled sheets for your solutions. Your work is to be your own with no input from others. For full credit, show complete Free-Body Diagrams or drawings where appropriate, display complete answers, and display a clear presentation. Write your name on every page submitted. . lide indor door) 1) (4 Points) Two forces are acting at a point as shown. The resultant is known to be 5000 N. What is the magnitude of F1 a. 2100 N F1 F2 b. 3900 N 30° 509 C. 5700 N d. 6300 N R 2) (4 Points) What is the moment of the force about B for the system shown? a. 110 N-m b. 130 N-m B C. 160 N-m d. 190 N-m 1100 mm 700 mm A 50 - 100 N I 3) (4 Points) The reaction at B is closest to: a. 356 N 600 N 400 N b. 424 N 2 m 3 m C. 740 N d. 930 N A 9 m of B 4) (4 Points) The reaction at A is closest to: a. 8450 N b. 7280 N 4 kN/m C. 9330 N d. 3540 N A B 4 5 m 00 4 m 5) Points) (4 stool shown weighs 30 lbs and has a diameter of 18 inches. It is supported each leg The by three legs spaced equally around the edge. The upward reaction on is. a. 10 lbs b. 20 lbs C. 30 lbs d. 40 lbs C A B 6) Two cables are tied together at C and are loaded as shown. Determine the (4 Points) tension in cable AC. a. 3500 N b. 1735 N A 40° 20° B C. 1962 N d. 2129 N C 200 kg 7) (6 Replace Points) the loading for the beam shown with an equivalent force-couple system at end A. Show on a diagram 300 N 300 N 2400 N-m 4 m 300 N-m A B 8) (6 Points) Determine the location of the centroid for the area shown. 4 y B 4 mm C 2 mm X A D 2 mm 9) (8 points) The coefficients of friction are s = 0.5 and k = 0.4 between all surfaces of contact. The contact area between the blocks is 500mm² and between the lower block and the floor is 1000mm². Determine the smallest force P required to start the 50 kg block moving. 30 kg P 50 kg 10) (14 points) Determine the forces in members CD and DF of the truss shown. State if the member is in tension or compression. 12 kN 12 kN C E G I Ag o 1.8 m J B O D F H 0000 4 panels @ 2.4 m = 9.6 m 11) (14 points) Determine the moment of inertia of the shaded area about the x-axis. Y 1m 1m < 1m 0.5m radius 1m X For the beam and loading shown, draw the shear and bending-moment 12) (14 points) diagrams. Include X dimension of maximum moment and value of maximum moment. 25 kN/m 20 kN. m B A 4 m 13) (14 points) for the shaded region the area and moment = of inertia d2 with = 15 respect mm and to the moments of inertia with respect to AA' and BB' are 7.84 X Determine centroidal axis parallel to BB', knowing that di 25 mm and 106 mm4 and that 5.20 the X 106 mm4, respectively. NOT DRAWN TO SCALE A' A di C d2 B'

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