Consider a number of 2-3 interdependent infrastructures (e.g. energy, health, transport, ICT, etc) with which you are familiar.
Initiate operational scenarios which, under a number of agreed threats, will lead to the assessment of risk and vulnerability analysis, evaluation, communication, and management.

Describe the specific elements of dependency, interdependency which lead to the need to use tools such as FTA, ETA, etc, and assess risks profiles (e.g. risk matrices), and vulnerability acceptance matrices, for the above selected interdependent infrastructures. Present actions to be performed under the Risk Governance concept.


(a) Executive summary

(b) Problem statement to be addressed

(c) Address the above questions

(d) Conclusions

(e) Refernces (at least 6 journal articles or technical reports should be cited)

(f) Not less than 10 pages

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Risk assessment in the airline transportation and the air traffic control system
Executive summary 1.5 page

Risk assessment is a necessary element in all sectors, but even more so in the air transportation and ATC sectors. Because of their nature, these two sectors have a very high risk from loss of life due to various causes. The definition of risk in airline transport and ATC represents any situation or a condition that can cause harmful consequences for the crew, property and the passengers. The service provider is tasked with developing, implementing and maintaining a formal risk assessment and prevention program. According to ICAO, risk is every condition or a situation that has the potential to cause harm. This brief will deal with the response matrices for three specific events that may occur both in air traffic and ATC. Natural disasters are all conditions in which the airplane comes into danger due to bad weather – including but not limited to: hurricane, winter storms, tornado, strong winds, thunder, ice, snow, earth quake, tsunami, flooding and similar. Technical issues most common to these two transport systems are linked with service deficiencies of electronic equipment, hull breaches, internal and external ship and airplane component failures (landing gear, wings, propellers and similar).
The methodology of risk assessment defines the way in which input values of risk are assessed. The input value represents the highest probability and the impact of said probability on the outcome. Which inputs are used depends on the system which is being evaluated. In the ICT, risk includes the probability of data theft, in air transportation, the probability of crash with fatal consequences. These criteria determine which risks, and in what quantity are acceptable within everyday operation.
The goal of any risk assessment methodology is to ensure every measure is repeatable, which is not a simple task to accomplish in practice. There is no “best” risk assessment methodology that is applicable to every scenario. This is why most sectors employ a variety of different methods, each having a specific set of tasks, to ensure safety and lower potential risks. Furthermore, the already existing methodologies in some sectors are unnecessarily complex.
There are two main types of risk assessment in the air transportation and ATC sectors. Reactive methods of risk identification are conducted through monitoring of trends and research of events that include risk to any given industry. Accidents are a clear indication that a system is flawed, which necessitates an inquiry to determine which dangers are most common and find ways to alleviate the risk. Proactive methods of risk assessment identity risk factors and analyze the performance of any given system. The most common methods applied in air traffic are safety questionnaires, engine safety inspections, oversight and safety...

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