Assignment: Prepare a presentation slides + speech
Purpose: This presentation for a presentation skills module
Topic: Self-Driving cars (Driverless cars)
Assumed audience: Executive level in Telecommunication company (They don't know anything about the topic)

- Introduction
- Why we need self-driving cars
- self-driving cars in telecommunication industry (5G network and technologies required)
- Where are we in the market in self-driving cars
- What are the big companies which makes them
- Google self-driving car
- Challenges
Note: This outline is not fixed so if you think we need to add or remove any other headline please let me know. Please keep the presentation interesting as much as possible.

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The technology of artificial intelligence has grown in leaps and bounds and has made possible self-driven cars/ chauffeur less cars. Whatever safety factors are incorporated in cars the element of human error still remains, which in self-driven cars gets totally eliminated. The use of robotics / artificial intelligence in various other aspects such as production lines / assembly lines etc has been in vogue for the last many years. The various technological developments like the 5G and the other radars and lidars guides the functionality of these cars. The prototypes developed by some large companies like BMW along with the Google software are already on the roads for checking. The main objectives that could be attained by using these self driven cars are to reduce the traffic congestion and also avoidance of road accidents. This can be 100% valid because the reflex systems in the robotics that control these cars are ten to thirty times higher than that of humans. The other sections would introduce the functionality, importance of telecommunication, companies making them, challenges, and also some ethical concerns of driverless cars
How self driving cars work? Their functionality
The functioning of the driverless cars is controlled by five systems that interact with each other continuously and provide inputs to the coordinating system. The camera together with the laser, navigating and DSP systems acts as a vision system...

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