5. How many lots were created in plan 0111986?

6. How many plans are indicated on plan 0111986

8. What do the small numbers along the lines indicate?
a. Dates
b. Distances in different units
c. Distances and angles
d. Time between plan registrations

9. How many lots were subdivided in this plan (8237HK)?

10. Which subdivision is the most northerly subdivision?
a. Lot 2
b. Parcel C
c. Block 9
d. Plan 8271HP

13. What is the most common East-West distance on the northern border of Township 25?

15. How many water bodies are there in the Township 25 plat?

16. What does it mean by “Course” in the split line notes?
a. The direction to true north
b. The distance the surveyor travelled
c. The angle the surveyor turned from his backsight
d. The direction the surveyor was travelling

17. What is the purpose of the gap in the center of the split line notes?
a. To show actual ground representation
b. Write in distance measurements along that line
c. To show the convergence of the meridians
d. To keep drawings tidy for drafting purposes

18. Which direction does the centerline of the split line notes run?
a. The direction of the course
b. The direction of the stated bearing
c. North
d. East
19. What value does the centerline start at?
a.0.00 steps
b.0.00 meters
c.0.00 feet
d.0.00 chains

20. Where on the page will you find the date in split line notes?
a. Left side
b. Top
c. Bottom
d. Right side

21. Why do condominium plans have more than one page?
a.To show monumentation, right of ways, common property and units in the area
b.To provide all details of the units as well as an overall view
c.To provide all details shown in the surveyor’s notes
d.To identify the errors found during the as-built survey

24.Which of the following makes condominium plans unique?
a.It provides a third dimension to display heights
b.It breaks up privately owned land into smaller pieces
c.It has publically owned land shown
d.It displays boundaries and monuments

25. Looking at Unit 30 on condominium plan 0413771, what is the total indicated height excluding the floor widths?

26. How many units are there in condominium plan 0413771, not including the common property unit?

34. What mapping/surveying system is used in northern regions of Canada?
What scale of maps are commonly produced for municipalities?

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