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18) Given the following material and crew rates below, determine the cost to place 1200 SY of sod in a median. All other work required (grading, etc) is assumed to be completed by other prior to this work item. Assume waste has been factored into the material cost for the sod. MATERIALS ITEM Unit Weight Cost (tax & delivery included) Crushed Aggregate 105#/(SY-in) $4.50/ton Base Course Asphalt Binder 115#/(SY-in) $19/ton Asphalt Surface 115#/(SY-in) $22/ton Curb & Gutter $11.80/1f Crushed Concrete 110#/(SY-in) $3.75/ton Base Course Sod Median $5.20/SY Cast-in-Place 150pcf $85.00/CY Concrete Special Wall Paint $27.40/Gallon 180sf/gallon Soil/excavation 120pcf Crews CREW PRODUCTION RATE-LABOR RATE- (profit & overhead EQUIPMENT included) Asphalt Paving 50 tons hr $400/hr $225/hr Grading/Aggregate 80 tons hr $150/hr $190/hr Excavation/Fill 100 tons /hr $100/hr $250/hr Curb & Gutter Incidental to Incidental to material material Sod Median 60 SY hr $50/hr Incidental to labor Concrete-forms- 40 SY/hr $0.43/SF $0.13/SF erecting Concrete- 0.046hr/SF $1.15/SF Incidental to labor placement & finish Concrete-forms- 200 SY/hr $40/hr Incidental to labor removing Painting 200SF/hr $0.15/SF Incidental to labor Given the typical section below and the crew/material rates provided above, determine the following for a 0.8 mile section of roadway: in the 2K 2 14' - * - MAD - " not 4 the -- PAVEMENT - Item Unit Quantity S/unit Item Total AC Tor CARC CY F Addenda #1: The thickness of the asphalt is 6.0" The following item costs are to be used (Material, labor, equipment, p&e included) AC: $50/ton @ 115#/(SY-in) Base Agg: $40/SY (Assuming 12" Thickness) C&G: $30/LF Round all final quantities up to the next whole number 20) The client for the previous question would like an alternative to the proposed full reconstruct of the 54' wide road. One potential alternative is to Mill and Relay the road. Determine the following new line item as a proposed alternative but the client wants the payout to be linear foot of road instead of SY. Item Number: 330.0100 Description: Mill and Relay Units SY Quantity: $/LF: Item Total: Use the average prices for the past three years to determine the $/unit cost for the alternative. price 2015 $2.10 2016: $2.48 2017: $2.75 13)For a driveway that is 20 feet wide, 6 yards long, and 5 inches thick, how many CY of Portland cement concrete is required if the unit weight of PCC is assumed to be 150pct? (Round up to the nearest CY) 16) If a detention pond requires 3. acre-inches of storage, and the surface area designated for the pond is a square shape with an average depth of 5". How many linear feet of fence is required if the fence is offset 5' from the designated water edge? (Round up to the nearest foot)

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