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Instructions Problem 1. (10 Points). You are the Engineer In Charge for a large paving project in New York City. There is some additional paving work being added to the mainline expressway job involving approximately 25,000 metric tons of asphalt. The additional work involves paving nine (9) ramps along the mainline expressway. Due to the Maintenance and Protection of Traffic requirements, the ramps will each be paved on their own night. The total estimated quantity is 400 Metric Tons of Superpave Top Asphalt and 500 Metric Tons of Superpave Binder Asphalt. The Contractor states that it will cost him $90.00 per metric ton to place the asphalt, which is far above his $65.00 per metric ton bid price. A. Based on what you know, is the Contractor telling the truth and would you accept this renegotiated cost? (Night differential is an increase of 10.00% on wages only.) B. What other considerations might you have regarding this price? Problem 2. (10 Points). Based on field measurements, you are given the following earthwork cut and fill quantities required for the roadway extension: Begin StationEnd Station CUT (CY) FILL (CY) Begin Station End Station CUT (CY) FILL (CY) 0+00 1+00 350 0 8+00 9+00 200 IO 1+00 2+00 400 0 9+00 10+00 250 0 2+00 3+00 200 0 lo+OO 11+00 400 0 3+00 4+00 50 100 11+00 12+00 100 0 4+00 5+00 0 400 12+00 13+00 50 IO 5+00 6+00 0 500 13+00 14+00 0 150 6+00 7+00 0 300 14+00 15+00 0 54 7+00 8+00 0 80 ----- ----- ---- ---- 2A. Assuming a shrinkage factor of0.80, compute the quantity of fill required. 2B. Locate the balance points on the mass haul diagram and plot the diagram. 2C. Compute the amount of unclassified excavation and embankment (Item 203.0lM), unclassified excavation and disposal (Item 203.02M), and the amount of embankment in place (Item 203.03M) required on the job

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Basic data
Total asphalt required                           = 25,000 metric tons
Number of ramps                                  = 9
Ramps will each be paved on their own night
Estimated Superpave top asphalt          = 400 metric tons
Superpave binder asphalt                      = 500 metric tons
Initial Bid price                                     = $65.00 per metric ton
New Rate                                              = $90.00 per metric ton
Part A
$65.00 for this solution

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