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The density of BCC iron is 7.882 g/cm^3, and the lattice parameter is 0.2866 when hydrogen atoms are introduced at interstitial positions. Calculate the atomic fraction of hydrogen atoms and the number of unit cells on average that contain hydrogen atoms.
A single crystal of an FCC metal is oriented so that the [001] direction is parallel to an applied stress of 5000 psi. Calculate the resolved shear stress acting on the (111) slip plane in the [-1 1 0], [0 -1 1], and [1 0 -1] slip directions. Which slip systems will become active first?
A single crystal of a BCC metal is oriented so that the [001] direction is parallel to the applied stress. If the critical resolved shear stress required for slip is 12,000 psi, calculate the magnitude of the applied stress required to cause slip to begin in the [1 -1 1] direction on the (110), (011), and (1 0 -1) slip planes.
A carburizing process is carried out on a 0.10%C steel by introducing 1.0%C at the surface at 980 degrees Celsius, where the iron is FCC. Calculate the carbon content at 0.01 cm, 0.05 cm, and 0.10 cm beneath the surface after 1 h.

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Calculations of BCC Iron Density

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