Write a paper on pollution and health impact of incinerators.

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Incinerators are the effective mean mechanisms for converting waste to energy. Incinerator is one of the many types of waste to energy disposal process. Incinerator works to reduce the waste to about 80-85% of the original content in the case of uncompressed waste garbage and can reduce to 95% of the original volume in the case of garbage which are somewhat already compressed.
The incinerators usually deal with the waste material that does have organic matter inside. Incineration is the process of heating the garbage at high temperatures to yield ash and the other flue gases. Ash is mostly due to the combustible material in the waste. Whereas the materials like metals in the incinerators do remain unburnt during the process. The ash is mostly due to the carbonaceous material in the waste. Waste ash may constitute about 10-20% of the original waste by volume and about 15-20% by volume. The fly ash part of the total ash is more hazardous in the ash due to the poisonous constituents in it....

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