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Look at theories and trends describing how urban labor and economies are linking cities across the globe, placing them, and the people who live in them, into competition for work and resources. What is “urban growth,” and what does it mean for our future working lives in the city?
1) Write a 100-150 word response to the Economist article - The world goes to town. Highlight two trends in urbanization in cities around the world. In what ways could these trends contribute to greater equality or inequality in global cities?
2) Write a 150-200 word response to the Reich video, “How Unequal can America Get?” In your response, explain what you see as the connection between global economic trends, and growing inequality in cities. Draw on specific data and quotations from Reich, and from the Mckinsey Report on Urbanization in China, and the Florida article, “The Inequality of American Cities.”

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1. Across the globe, poor cities are experiencing a growth in population of poorer inhabitants consequently living in slums. These informal settlements contribute to inequality. Unrecognized by the state, the government need not provide any basic services here. Inhabitants are left to be exploited by opportunist benefactors. With no address, no way to secure a loan, no way to become an official citizen or even open a bank account, migrants are locked in poverty....

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